5 Apps That Will Safeguard Your Browsing Experience


Since its establishment for popular use, the Internet has changed enormously. Gone are the days when surfing the World Wide Web was a carefree process for the sake of entertainment – nowadays everything from restaurant reservations to personal banking takes place online. With so much information and so many processes available online, it has become easy pickings for hackers to weave their way into various parts of the internet and manipulate it to read your personal information. Luckily there are several apps available to protect the data your Internet use renders, no matter what your preferred browser is.

DoNotTrackMe: A cross-browser extension that blocks sites from tracking you, DoNotTrackMe is constantly updated to always be on top of the latest trackers.

Googlesharing: It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say the Internet wouldn’t be the Internet without Google. The problem with searching is that Google stores everything we search for in a user-specific profile. The Googlesharing app keeps that from happening by blocking Google from storing this information and keeping your searches private.

SecureGmail: No one wants sensitive information passed on by emails to be leaked to any unwanted sources. SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts emails sent through Gmail, keeping everyone but your recipient from reading your mail through a password system (which you’ll need to share beforehand).

SimpleWash: Social media has taken over everyday life by changing the way people connect. This means that anything you’ve shared with your friends is most likely on Facebook – the good, the bad, AND the very ugly. SimpleWash’s technology erases any potentially embarrassing or compromising information about you by delving into your Facebook/Twitter profiles. This app deals with things like tagged photos and status updates you’d rather never see again, ensuring your online presence is much more respectable.

Boxcryptor: It is becoming the norm to use cloud drives like Dropbox or Google Drive, simplifying file-sharing and making it easy to access your data wherever you go. Yet even cloud sharing requires some degree of protection. BoxCryptor works by grouping together and encrypting files on your hard disk before they are synced with the cloud service of your choice, thereby keeping your personal files personal.