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Free Latest Software for Windows Users

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Don’t know where to find the latest software to update your computer? Don’t you need the newest versions of VLC Media Player, Picasa, CCleaner, and Vimeo Desktop Uploader? We have one useful website to recommend every Windows user. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you’re currently using. It is never too late to upgrade your programs to get the best out of them. No more lags! No more errors! No more delays!

Frustrated User

Upgrade your computer by means of and get the latest versions of your favorite apps and programs for free. What you get is a free access to the best editors, emoticons, installers, OS components, plugins, screensavers, translators, wallpapers, web browsers, utilities, and much more. Don’t miss a chance to upgrade your PC to the highest standards.

From the Most Useful to the Funniest Programs

The website offers all kinds of software needed for any Windows user. For example, if you’re a gamer, you can find here everything concerning this theme. Download your favorite game program or wallpaper set attached to it.

If you’re into photo editing or movie making, enjoy the variety of editors. There are both professional and amateur editing programs on the website. You can find here something very simple and something very professional to work with. For example:

  • Easy Cut Studio;
  • Photo Sun;
  • Phoxo;
  • FaceFilter;
  • My Paint;
  • PhotoPad Image Editor;
  • Photo Frame Studio.

Pro Desk Setup

If you want to improve the maintenance of your device and to install something, which is going to increase its performance, we recommend downloading the following apps:

  • CCleaner (it scans your PC, removes corrupted files, and gets rid of unnecessary files);
  • Papaya 10 (provides technical support to your device);
  • Sort My Files (helps to logically organize folders and documents on your computer);
  • Final Uninstaller (helps to uninstall even those files which have errors and viruses);
  • Security Analyzer (analyzes the current security level of your device);
  • Argente Utilities (one more app for computer security level improving), etc.

As you can see the website has software programs to the taste of everyone. So, don’t doubt and make your computer work better and faster.

When do you really need to upgrade your computer with new software? To answer this question you have to answer a couple of other questions.

  • Does your computer do what you want? Can you play the games and run the programs you need without delays and errors?
  • Does your PC have enough free memory?
  • How fast does your PC work?
  • Does your antivirus software run well?
  • Do you get the best out of all the apps you have on your PC?

So, answer these questions, check your computer, and visit the website to upgrade your device to the highest level possible. It is always a good idea to update your device’s software to fix bugs, make it run smoothly, and get new features.

Use Your Mobile Device To Earn

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There are many simple ways to earn online. Moreover, you can do it from a cellphone. Today, people tend to live in a dynamic pace. They optimize their time the best they can. Possibility of many companies to deploy e-application for cellphones changed the world. Today, our phone is a significant part of our life. We mail, meet, trade, sell, buy from our mobiles. It is an absolute advantage in terms of time.

Trade Online From Your Phone

An absolute majority of companies widens their e-presence significantly. They are doing everything possible to reach the client, and connect businesses. You can earn online, as well. One of the best suggestions to make money is to consider mobile forex trading software. The application is easy to install on your device. Why should you use forex mobile version?

  • The nature of trading requires you to be online 24/7. If trading stimulates your additional income, you can’t spend all this time in front of computer. Use your cellphone to learn about situation on financial markets. You can sell and buy stocks equally well. MT4 and MT5 Forex software are among the best- known ones. You will enjoy using them.
  • Mobile versions of forex trading have all regular functions. You can be sure to read financial forecasts and be provided with proper customer support.
  • Forex trading is a good way to secure an additional income for yourself. If you invest enough time into this business, you will gain profound understanding of markets. Forex can equally bring you a fortune.

Mobile Forex Trading

Discover More Opportunities To Earn

Trading on Alibaba, Amazon and other similar sites provides you with an opportunity to earn, too. Stay at home, take you phone and post the offer. It is done within seconds. You will appreciate mobile applications of these websites.

Internet became the true base for businesses worldwide. Talented people create comprehensive and user-friendly applications for mobile devices. That should not be a trading platform. Develop app about your hobby, interests. Your passion is what will make people subscribe and download.

The most popular examples are:

  • creative wallpapers app;
  • selected playlist;
  • paintings lovers community.

Even if your application is offered at no fee you can still generate income from advertising. If your website attracts people, companies will put their ads on it.

In the world of globalized business, major companies power mobile applications. Why do they do it?

  • Today, cellphone is not just an updated telephone. Modern smartphones have almost all functions of a personal computer.
  • Cellphones are easy and comfortable to carry around and use everywhere. This is the main reason why mobile applications are so popular among users, and why all companies take effort to provide comprehensive applications.

Therefore, there are numerous reasons and numerous advantages of using mobile devices for trading and investment. Today, money making often demands flexibility, and to remain flexible, the investors have to monitor the situation and adjust their tactics accordingly. The best way to do it is to use mobile applications.

SMS Software for Clinics, Beauty Salons And Gyms

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Today, when every person in the world has at least one smartphone and some have more than one mobile device, there is a logical need and the ability to advertise your business by these devices. When you advertise yourself and your product over the Internet for a client and your target group, it’s very easy to override an ad, to remove it, or not to pay attention to the ad you’ve invested so much effort, time and money to put it on the Internet and reach as many people as possible. After a while, you’ve started to wonder if it makes any sense for you to advertise online in these times when the Internet is overwhelmed with advertisements and when those same ads take more money than they do good for your business.

 SMS Software

SMS Service And Its Benefits for Your Business

We offer you an entirely innovative solution that is much more intimate and people will find it easier to notice than advertising on the internet. Use their cell phones and use your cell phone. We have a wonderful and picturesque example of sms software for clinics at where you can easily see how to use the product and its benefits for your company.

And what do we offer you, you will wonder. As we said, we offer you to advertise via SMS. How do you do that? Our company has developed SMS software that allows you to send your bids, reminders, various discounts and actions to your customers to attract and increase your business profits. And you do not need to do much because once you set it all, further everything goes automatically.

How to Reach People Through SMS

Even if someone is not your client, we know that there are large numbers of mobile phones out there. Phone numbers are placed on almost all platforms, directories, and similar sources that you can easily find online.

It is important to specify a target group in different ways to collect phone numbers and to subscribe to short SMS messages.

You can send SMS reminders to your old customers who have left your numbers by themselves. If you offer a special offer during that period, you can also notify them, all with the help of our SMS software.

SMS Service


Why is this better than some other way? Because it’s more intimate. Clients will feel appreciated and you will know that you think about them and that they care about you. They will always be happy to come to you rather than to someone else who offers a similar service and there is no such personalized way of advertising.

Your beauty salon, your office or your gym can be in a very easy way to earn extra money, and you can improve and expand your business in just a few steps.

The first of these steps you need to make is to visit our site, see the quality of our work, and be informed about additional issues if you have them. In any case, you can contact us through our website and we will endeavor to provide you with all the additional information you are interested in.

We are here to help you!

Ellp – A New PC Automation Tool

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Ellp™ is a new, free PC tool that lets you automate your daily routine with a flip of a switch, in order to boost your productivity, maintain high performance and security and revel in entertainment. Ellp is flexible, fun, and a real time-saver. It’s cool and colorful card layout allows you to identify and choose the actions you want to automate so that you can focus on what really matters most.

Ellp - Simplify your busy day with a flip of a switch

Ellp – Simplify your busy day with a flip of a switch

About Ellp
With the hectic lives we lead, it’s no wonder we turn to technology to ease our workload and help us out with our daily tasks. However, as great as technology is, it still presents some unpleasantries, especially since most PC tasks require so many different settings and interactions. This makes managing your device, its apps and the infinite number of tasks and activities it runs an absolute nightmare. Ellp can help with this, as it not only simplifies this process but also offers a personalized way of automating tasks, allowing you to manage your daily tasks with ease.

How does it work?
Ellp’s automation structure is built around a collection of Ellp cards, that cover four categories, mainly productivity, performance, security, and entertainment. These Ellp cards work on the basis of a trigger and action concept, with each card solely focused on helping you carry out a particular task. For example, ‘When I’m spending too much time on Facebook, ping me’ or ‘When I download the same file twice, let me know’. The automation process is quite straightforward:

  1. Choose the cards that matter most to you
  2. Edit them according to your preferences
  3. Switch the activation toggle on

Once done, you can just relax and let Ellp do all the work for you, only alerting you when an action is required from your side.

User Interface
The design is simple and clean, allowing for easy navigation. Based on its simplicity principle, you can easily browse and access your favorite Ellp cards through the navigation menu and categories.

Ellp’s Beta version is available to all Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) PC and laptop users.

Click here to download Ellp.

Apple participating in “Hour of Code”

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Apple is taking part in the international project this Wednesday. The project, which is designed to get even the most basic of computer users to grips with computer programming, is designed to offer free one-hour sessions to both adults and children. Apple will hold sessions across all its US stores throughout the day. “It’s a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics of programming,” the tech giant explained on its website, before quoting former vice president Al Gore. “‘The ability to code and understand the world of programming is crucial to success in today’s hyper-connecting world.'”

Source: iOS App Store

Microsoft ending Windows 7 sales

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According to the Microsoft website, retail sales for Windows 7 have ended, and have been over as of October 30. The next deadline for Windows 7, which reflects PCs with it preinstalled, is October 30 2014. This is standard practice for Microsoft, whose policy is to stop selling an older operating system in retail one year after the launch of its successor (2 years to stop shipping to OEMs). With Windows 8 having launched in October last year, the time is ripe for Windows 7 to start being phased out to make its successor the default.

Toyota to start offering wireless charging thanks to new deal

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Toyota has just signed a deal to begin offering wireless charging with its future vehicles, it has been revealed. The deal was carved out with WiTricity, a creator of wireless charging systems, and will be available with Toyota’s line of rechargeable plug-in hybrid electric and fully electric cars.

WiTricity’s mission is to make wireless charging available as widely as possible, and this announcement is a significant step toward accomplishing that mission,” said WiTricity CEO Eric Giler in a statement. “We envision a world in which wireless charging accelerates the adoption of green, clean electrified vehicles. To have Toyota, the world’s leading carmaker, licensing our intellectual property, underscores the importance of the technology.”

Toyota had previously spoken of its plans to add wireless charging to the Prius line of hybrid cars, but this is the first time WiTricity has been mentioned in association with it – although the Japanese automaker has been an investor in the company since 2011. WiTricity is one of many companies producing wireless vehicle charging technology, but theirs will the first to be widely adopted due to the Toyota deal.

Sony has sold over 2.1 million PS4s since launch

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Sony has revealed the numbers for the PlayStation 4, and it’s looking fantastic for them. As of December 1st, 2.1 million consoles were sold worldwide since the US launch on November 15 – 700,000 were generated by sales in Europe and Australasia two days after the PS4’s release in those regions. “PS4 delivered the best launch in PlayStation history,” stated Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment President and group CEO. “Demand remains incredibly strong and continues to overwhelm the supply worldwide.”

Rivals Microsoft have yet to reveal their own figures for the Xbox One (launched a week after the PS4) in November. However the Xbox One has matched Sony in that it has also sold 1 million units in 24 hours.

New technology means your sweater can tell everyone what mood you’re in

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If you’re one of those people who feels uncomfortable expressing your feelings to other, then help is on the way – and is very technological about it. Design lab Sensoree has created the GER mood sweater, or wearable tech that will change colors according to the mood you happen to be in.

The crux of the technology is in the funnel-shaped collar of the top, where Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is built in. GSR works by connecting the wearer’s hands to the collar through sensors, creating the so-called “Galvanic Extimacy Responder”. Moods are displayed through to use of LED light, which makes use of the aforementioned color changes. Green represents “Tranquil – zen” for example, and red “Nervous – in love”.

The sweater has already been revealed in specialist shows and exhibitions globally, and one hundred pieces are set to go to market in March. You may be wearing your heart on your sleeve sooner than you think.