Choosing the Right VPN for Netflix

Encrypting flow of data and changing IP address of your network, it will enable you using sites even if they are not allowed for usage in your country. If you believe that VPNs can still access US Netflix, you’d better choose VPN for using Netflix with the following criteria:

  1. They don’t lower Internet speed: When you want to enjoy some movie on Netflix, you don’t want to wait hours for its downloading. Anyway, encrypting takes time and you cannot reach the same Internet speed as its net speed without VPN. So, if you want to use it for streaming Netflix or downloading, you should pay attention to how fast it loads web pages;
  2. They have servers both in your country and country with the softest rules concerning usage of Netflix: The more countries this VPN provider covers – the better choice of servers and the higher quality you will have. There are some sites which can generate IPs artificially but they never give similar level of service as if they had servers in particular countries. Don’t forget that the more servers this VPN has – the faster it will work throughout rush hours;
  3. They use latest encryption mechanisms and technologies: State agents and hackers work day and night in order to decode all popular scripts and encoding mechanisms. So, if your provider uses similar scheme for more than 3 years – it is possible that somebody already has a decoder.

VPN Netflix

Is It Legal to use Virtual Private Networks?

Remember that using VPNs you should remain cautious and attentive. If somebody admits you using VPN for hiding illicit Netflix usage, it will still result in bills from officials. VPNs give you access to files which are restricted in your countries but it doesn’t wash away your responsibility of not using files of illicit nature. And don’t forget that free and intrinsically cheap VPN will give you the same level of privacy as no VPN at all (as quality of encryption will be very low).