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Blak – The ultimate video game for Android

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by No Comments

It had originally started as an April’s Fool joke for 2014, but has since become loved by those who dared to download it.

One reviewer, for instance, goes on to say:

Incredible Top notch graphics, gripping storyline, great gameplay. What more do you need? Play this game to discover yourself.

And what is your task? Stare at the black screen, and tap it when it flashes white. The screen can stay black for anywhere from 1 second to, wait for it, one month.

And what happens when you tap on the black screen? Well, it’s game over I’m afraid. Retry?

Gecko will give your smartphone an IQ boost

Posted on: October 10th, 2013 by No Comments

It seems internet-based funding platforms like Kickstarter are choc-a-bloc with the latest in creative ideas and inventions, and Gecko is no exception. Currently hitting major headlines, Gecko is a tiny gadget that its creators claim will “make your smartphone smarter”.

The way it works is simple. Connect Gecko to your phone via Bluetooth, and control your favorite smartphone functions using physical movements like a twist of the wrist or a shake. In a nutshell, Gecko allows you to access your smartphone without ever having to pull it out of your bag or pocket.

It doesn’t stop there, for Gecko’s capabilities go way beyond smartphone tie-ins. You can “tag” doors and windows to have Gecko alert you every time they’re opened, or even tag your bag or wallet to let you know whenever they’re touched. A function called “Smart Leash” means that you can tag your dog with Gecko, which will send you a warning if he/she wanders off beyond a certain point. Another feature means you can attached Gecko to a pillbox and get an alert if you, or one of your loved ones, have forgotten to take your scheduled medication.

Since Connovate Technology is a start-up they have set up a funding page on Indiegogo, and have a target price of $50K with a release-to-market date in mind. You can see the page here.