Top 5 Apps for Windows 8

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Whilst it’s fair to say that Microsoft has been late to the game when it comes to apps – where Apple remains in pole position – they are certainly doing their best in trying to catch up. The Apple App Store was answered with the Windows App Store, which to date now contains over 100,000 apps. We’ve tried to narrow down five essential apps that any Windows 8 user should have.




News Bento: This nifty app presents an interface combining top US news sites, with constant updates always coming through. Story summaries are neatly displayed in various panels – clicking on any of these will take you directly to the content app, which means you don’t need to switch to and from an external browser.




IM+: IM+ combines all the major messenger tools available, including Facebook, Google Talk, AOL, Yahoo, and so on. Rather than having to switch between different clients, you get access to your contacts in one streamlined place.




Skype: Regaling in its status as a Microsoft acquisition, Skype’s new interface complements Windows 8’s design – meaning that it gets full advantage of W8’s latest features. Even if your PC is locked or the app is closed Skype continues to run in the background, so you never have to worry about missing important calls.




8tracks: Quite possibly the best radio app on the market, 8tracks has already proved popular on the web, as well as on iOS and Android platforms. The new Windows 8 app only enhances the 8tracks experience: with a smooth interface that makes transiting between different songs and playlists a synch.




Fhotoroom: Out of all the photo-editing apps available Fhotoroom is probably the most comprehensive one. It’s brilliant for any rookie looking to get started in editing, with the tools you’d expect out of more advanced software at a beginner’s level. Experiment with exposure, saturation, and even vintage-style filters for you Instagram addicts.


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