What is Patch Tuesday?

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Patch Tuesday is the second Tuesday of each month, when Microsoft releases security patches for many of its products. Until recently, Patch Tuesday had been followed by an “Exploit Wednesday”, as hackers reverse-engineered many of these security patches, and attacked not-yet-patched computers.

Patch Bugs

But from August 2013, thanks to the revised Active Protection Program, some security firms receive information about vulnerabilities being patched several days before the update is released. They can use these few days to come up with their own signature for these vulnerabilities and patch their software in the same time as Microsoft’s updates come out.

You don’t have to work for a security firm to get a preview of the upcoming patches. You can sign up for an advance notification using your Microsoft credentials (e.g. your Skype or Hotmail login) on the technet.microsoft.com website, and receive a preview in each month straight into your inbox.

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    Patch Tuesday is very useful indeed :)

    If there is any Windows registry error that the latest Patch Tuesday has been unable to fix.

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