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AVerTV WDM TvTuner
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Applies to:

AVerTV Studio 709




Input/Output Devices


Windows Vista

File Size:

2.75 MB

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AVerTV WDM TvTuner


/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Input Signal: 75 ? TV Antenna
  • Interface: PCI
  • Input Signal: Audio In (L/R)
  • Input: FM (RF radio antenna input)
  • Output Signal: Audio Output


The AVerTV Studio 709 is a TV tuner card designed for Windows operating systems XP, Vista, and 7. The card is known for its impressive sensitivity to signals, permitting users to find channels fairly swiftly. This tuner card from AverMedia is also capable of real-time recording and saves files in the iPod 320x240 format. This represents a fair advantage for the AVerTV Studio 709 in terms of space allocation and usage when compared to ones that can record only in much larger and space-heavy MPEG-2 formats.

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People who make use of cards like the AverTV Studio 709 typically do so in order to record TV programs that they like for later viewing. The programs that are received by the AverMedia tuner can be viewed on the computer monitor as well as recorded to the computer?s hard disk, which represents a great deal of convenience for those who do not have recorders attached to their TVs. The most common interfaces for these cards would be the PCI bus, as with the AverTV Studio 709?s case, although PCIe ones are becoming more and more common now.