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Behold TV 409 FM
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Behold TV 409 FM




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Windows 7 64-bit

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4.8 MB

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Behold TV 409 FM


/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Type: PCI TV FM Tuner
  • Interface PCI
  • Input: TV Antenna, Fm Antenna
  • Infrared Sensor For Remote controler
  • Input: VHS For Composite, Audio for External Adio Source,


The Behold TV 409FM is a TV FM PCI tuner that enables reception of television programs in windowed and fullscreen modes, flexible methods for finding and configuring TV-programs, TV program list sorting, viewing A2/NICAM is stereo sound, and individual setting for every channel. It allows video viewing from composite and S-VHS inputs, with individual settings for each mode. It can record with the following features: recording of videos in AVI, WMV, MPEG1, MPEG2 and DVD using codecs in the system, and enables image processing during recording.

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Most TV tuners have to depend on a set of restrictions as to the frequencies and formats used in the locale in which a gadget is designed to be sold. Numerous TV tuners that are currently part of computer rigs, however, use DSP, or Digital Signal Processor, so upgrading the firmware to the latest version is often all that?s needed to deal with the issue of format. Many modern TV tuners have memory that is sufficiently large to hold multiple firmware sets: this means that they can thus be capable of decoding several different formats for video, allowing the tuner to be used in many locations without much hassle.