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CH Throttle Quadrant USB
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Applies to:

CH Throttle Quadrant


CH Production




Windows XP

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2.69 MB

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/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Type: Throttle Controler
  • Interface: USB
  • 12 virtual buttons (one per detent - idle and reverse) with use of Control Manager software
  • 6 Axis and 12 Buttons
  • Quality industrial components and construction


The CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB is a specialized unit that enables you to have a highly realistic flight simulation experience. Physically, it resembles the real control panel found in real aircraft and complements similar devices like joysticks or flight yokes. It eliminates the need to use the keyboard and provides a better flight simulation through its multiple axis (6 in total), 12 button setup. It allows you to control multiple engines, flaps, fuel mixture, lights, and everything else on your aircraft.

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The CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB allows you to simulate a real flight without the need of your keyboard or mouse. When coupled with a flight yoke or joystick, it helps you create your own simulation cockpit or simpit, an environment designed to simulate a real aircraft cockpit. Real aircraft cockpits have very complex controls and instruments that are difficult to reproduce down to detail. This makes it hard for a flight buff to have an accurate simulation, but gadgets like the Throttle Quadrant USB allow you to at least have the basic devices necessary in any cockpit.