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Conexant RC56D2 Serial PnP Modem
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Conexant RC56D2 Serial PnP Modem






Windows XP

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  • Supported OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 95, Windows 64-bit, Win 95
  • Feature: Plug N Play support
  • Download Speed: up to 56 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: up to 128 Mbps


Conexant modems are devices that convert analog signals from cable Internet connections or phone lines into digital data. The digital data is in turn processed by the firmware associated with the device and is passed on to the relevant firmware of the computer it is connected to. The associated hardware components of the computer then processes the digital data and sends it to the OS. The related processes of the OS and the driver software developed for the exact device and model of the modem exchange data and reprocesses it. This is done to provide the user with the features integrated into the functions of the modem and associated software, such as the Web browser installed in the user's computer.

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Modems like Conexant RC56D2 Serial PnP Modem are commonly categorized by the quantity of data they can transmit in a particular amount of time. Its main objective is to produce a type of signal that can be decoded and transmitted. Early discovery of modems dates back in 1920s and was mass produced in 1958 as part of the SAGE air-defense system. Today, modems are being used for speed home networking programs.