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Generic Bluetooth Adapter
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DLink Bluetooth Adapter




Bluetooth, Infrared & Mobile


Windows Vista

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63.1 MB

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  • Standard: IEEE 802.15.1
  • 2.1Mbps (Bluetooth 2.0)
  • Speed: 723.2Kbps (Bluetooth 1.x)
  • Features:ACL, SCO Link Mode
  • Interface: USB


The DLink Bluetooth Adapter serves as a generic bluetooth adapter device found in most desktop and laptop computers. Integrated with Bluetooth 2.0 technology, data transfer speed can be expected to be optimized for large and small file transmissions. This also ensures optimal compatibility support between the desktop or laptop computer and a device with built-in Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity support. This Bluetooth 2.0 adapter from DLink is mostly bundled with Intel motherboards and Dell laptops.

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A Bluetooth adapter allows devices to be capable of short range wireless connectivity. It enables people with Bluetooth devices to communicate and share files. If 2 people with PDA?s are within the same range, they can send messages and files to each other without the need for cables. Bluetooth headsets are available for Bluetooth enabled MP3 players. This way, they can listen to music without having to connect their headsets to their players. Most users prefer mobile devices equipped with wifi connectivity technology over those integrated with Bluetooth connectivity support, because wifi connectivity offers faster file transmissions and wider digital data transmission coverage than Bluetooth technology.