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Logitech Dual Action USB
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Logitech Dual Action Gamepad






Windows 7

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13 MB

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/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Device: Gamepad
  • Interface: USB
  • Features:Versatile controls
  • Buttons: 12 Action butons
  • Directional Butons: 2 Joysticks and eight way D-pad


Any game will be a pleasure to play with the Logitech Wingman Dual Action Gamepad. Connect it to a PC and with its plug-and-play feature, you can start having better control in a wide variety of games right away. Its fluid 360-degree action joysticks and digital buttons help the gamer to make precise movements and actions in his game. Weighing only 0.72 pounds, the game pad can be handled with ease. You can control your race car better or bring your character into battle with ease. The Logitech Wingman Dual Action Game Pad is made specifically for gamers who want high-performance devices for their entertainment.

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A gamepad , also popularly called a control pad, is a kind of game controller held in both hands where the fingers, especially the thumbs, are used to provide input. Gamepads typically feature a set of action buttons with the right thumb and a direction controller for the left thumb. The direction controller has conventionally been a four-way digital cross, but many modern controllers additionally or optionally feature an analog stick. Some common add-ons to the standard pad include shoulder buttons situated along the edges of the pad, a centrally placed start, select, and mode buttons, and an internal motor to provide force feedback.