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Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 128
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Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 128






Windows Vista

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56.56 MB

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  • Type: Video Card
  • Interface: PCIe x16
  • Graphics Memory: 128 MB
  • Bracket connectors: DVI x 2
  • Additional Feature: Supports Dual Analog or Digital Monitor Display


The Matrox Millennium P650 PCIe 128 is the first Millennium P-Series graphics card specifically designed for PCI Expressx16. This product brings the performance, stability, reliability, and features of the established Millennium P-Series product line-up to the PCI Express architecture. With full DualHead support for using twin analog or digital monitors simultaneously and 128 MB of reliable graphics memory, this graphics card is flexibly appropriate for a broad range of personal and professional applications ? including games and video handling.

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