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PCI Multi-IO Controller
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PCI Multi-IO Controller driver for MosChip MCS60C80






Windows 7 32-bit

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485 KB

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  • Connectivity: Over 1394a/b (Firewire)
  • Output Ports: MPEG-TS interface, 1394 ports & ATA
  • Data Recording Capability On ATA/ATAPI Media
  • Timestamp Generator
  • Data Encryption and Decryption (AES)


The PCI Multi I/O Controller is a component of the driver of the MCS60C80 chip from MosChip. The product helps to provide a range of seamless connectivity options in various audio/video input/output devices. The chip is compliant with almost all types of connection interfaces including the IEEE1394 series (both IEEE1394a and IEEE1394b), Universal Serial Bus (USB), FireWire (Apple) and iLink (Sony). Because of this, the chip enables error-free connection in set-top boxes (TV), as well as other audio/video input/output devices like PVRs, CD-R, DVCRs, DVD-R, Blu-Ray players and others. The chip also enables audio/video devices to record data on a wide range of data storage devices like SD, CF and MSPro-HG memory cards.

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The chip is especially useful in providing a number of connectivity options to devices like video cameras, Blu-ray players, PVRs and DPVRs which offer High Definition Video (HDV) and DV formats of video recording and playback facilities. Besides, the chip helps to establish seamless connectivity in such A/V devices like HDV Video Cameras, which are used to manage media files that are often 'content protected' or have copyrighted content within. The chip offers integrated AES, 5C and M6 key authorization features as well as copyrighted encryption software offering a high degree of protection of patented media content. PCI connecting interfaces can connect with PCI interfaced ports of Ethernet controllers and other wireless networking devices with the help of the product.