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PCI standard RAM Controller
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EPOX PCI standard RAM controller






Windows XP 64 bit

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56.9 MB

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  • Memory Slot: Memory 3 x DDR SDRAM PC3200, 3GB max.
  • Sound: Realtek ALC650E 6-channel full-duplex integrated sound
  • Option: IEEE1394 Firewire interface
  • Expansion Slot : PCI 6, 32-bit
  • Ports: USB 4 onboard, 2 optional USB 2.0


On a computer?s motherboard, there is what is called a standard RAM controller device. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The component that provides support for this is the PCI standard RAM controller. Communication between the RAM controller itself and information supplied by the system is maintained by this component. Simply put, this EPOX PCI standard RAM controller device, which is usually found on the motherboard circuitry, is what coordinates and handles the tasks that the computer needs to do and the memory itself.

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In computing, personal computers, whether desktop or laptop, have what is called memory, RAM, or Random Access Memory. This is memory that the computer uses in the performance of tasks that the user requires it to do. The memory controller, also referred to as the MCC or Memory Chip Controller, is a digital circuit that manages how the memory is allocated to the different tasks and how data flows to and from the memory. If, for example, the user assigns the computer to do several computations, or tasks, simultaneously, the memory controller literally controls the information that the memory is needed to handle.