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Philips 107X5
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Philips 107x driver for Philips 107X53 (Belonging to the Philips 107X5 Series of Color CRT Monitors)






Windows XP 32-bit

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Philips 107X5


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  • Signal Input: VGA
  • CRT Dot Pitch: 0.25 MM
  • Maximum Display Area: 325 x 244 (MM)
  • Optimal Resolution: 1024 x 768 @88 Hz
  • Tube Type: Shadow Mask


The Philips 107X5 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) color monitor has 17? screen size and angle of deflection equal to 90?. It has a horizontal pitch of 0.23 MM, along with a dot pitch of 0.27 MM. The glass screen of the monitor has P22 phosphor coating. The Shadow Mask picture tube used in the device restricts transmission of light through the screen to only 47%, which ensures that users can view the screen for long periods of time, without having to strain their eyes too much. The video dot rate of the monitor, which refers to the speed at which data can be received by the monitor from the graphics card, is 108 MHz.

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The monitor supports sRGB standard for true color representation. Any device compliant with this standard ensures that colors used in visual media are transferred correctly from one device to another ? such as from digital cameras to printers or from scanners to the monitor. The product also supports LightFrame technology developed by Philips. LightFrame enhances both the sharpness and the brightness of the monitor, offering users high quality video. The feature can work with programs developed for either DOS, or Windows operating systems, provided the said programs are being executed in Windows environment only. It will not work if a program developed for DOS operating system is being run in DOS environment.