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Philips ToUcam Fun Camera
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Philips ToUcam Fun - USB PC VIDEO CAMERA






Windows XP 32-bit

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1.33 MB

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/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Still Image Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Illumination: Less Than 10 Lux
  • Pixels: 352 x 288
  • Integrated Lens: F2.6
  • Sensor: CMOS


Philips ToUcam Fun - USB PC VIDEO CAMERA is a Plug and Play web camera capable of recording videos at a maximum resolution of 352 x 288 (pixels) at framerates of up to 30 fps. When capturing still images, it can offer a maximum resolution of 640 x 480. The device features a Full Auto Mode, which can instantly optimize the camera settings, without requiring any intervention from the user. The camera sports an integrated lens of F2.6, and can operate in illumination levels less than 10 lux. The camera draws power through the USB cable, and does not require a separate power supply to work.

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The camera utilizes Backlight Compensation technology to ensure objects placed right in front of large or strong sources of light receive proper exposure from the camera lens and are consequently photographed properly. This adjustment is made automatically by the camera, without requiring any kind of user intervention. However, there is a slight risk of providing less exposure to such objects than what is necessary, unless the exposure is set at an optimal value. In cameras that only feature Backlight Compensation, the user has to set the exposure level manually. However, the camera described here utilizes Exposure Control technology to automatically compensate for that, as well.