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Rio 600
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Rio 600


Digital Networks NA




Windows XP 32 Bit

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351 KB

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Rio 600


/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Internal Memory: 32 MB (Flash)
  • Radio tuner: FM
  • Audio Jack: 3.5 MM
  • Audio Codec Support: MP3, WMA
  • Backlit, Monochrome Display


Rio 600 is a digital audio player that plays both MP3 and WMA files. It has 32 MB of internal memory that can hold about an hour of digital music and provides stereo playback. One AA alkaline battery is required to power the device. It will run for an estimated eleven hours on a fully charged battery. A battery level indicator keeps the user informed about how much power is left. In addition to the battery indicator, the LCD screen also displays the current equilizer setting, the volume level, and of course, the details of the track that is playing at the moment. Alongside its core functionality, the device has some additional features too, like a sleep timer and a built-in digital clock.

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There are a number of accessories and enhancements that add value to the product and enhance its performance. For example, while the device comes with 32 MB of memory, external memory backpacks can double or even triple its storage capacity. Unlike the device itself, these are recharged using an AC adapter. Another accessory is a car cassette adapter that works with all standard car cassette players and allows users to listen to the songs stored on their Rio device through their car speakers. Even the physical appearance of the device can be changed with RioTone faceplates that are available in various colors and designs.