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S3 Graphics Chrome 430 ULP
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S3 Graphics Chrome 430 ULP


S3 Graphics




Windows 7 32-bit

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20.1 MB

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  • Minimum VGA Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Core Clock: 400 MHz
  • DAC: 10-bit
  • Shader Model supported: 4.1
  • Display Output: DVI, HDMI or CRT


The S3 Graphics Chrome 430 ULP is part of the Chrome 400 series of graphics cards. Especially built for notebook users, it provides visual rich solutions to users and offers display output for DVI, HDMI compatible and CRT monitors. The graphics driver utilizes advanced Chromotion HD 2.0 Programmable Video Engine. The graphics card has a unified shader core with a programmable architecture, providing hardware acceleration in order to fully exploit Shader Model 4.1. Besides, the product also supports Microsoft DirectX's version 10.1 technology. The device has an inbuilt 10-bit DAC operating at 400 MHz. The product also supports Direct3D and OpenGL 3.1 applications.

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The graphics card utilizes various features of the Chromotion 2.0 technology to optimize the displaying of 2D and 3D graphics on screen. WMV-HD Motion Compensation with Hardware Acceleration ensures less stress on CPU when high definition WMV files are being decoded, by offloading some of the task to the GPU processor. Video Deblocking cleans up artifacts displayed when the user is watching videos encoded in low bit-rates. Video Scaling, on the other hand, offers a wide range if display settings, which can be used to optimize video display on monitors with large screens, ensuring no tearing of textures or formation of artifacts on screen.