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S3 Graphics TwisterK HP
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S3 Twister-K Graphics Driver






Windows XP 32-bit

File Size:

4.29 MB

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Release Date:



1.00 D

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  • 64-bit Memory Bus
  • S3 Texture Compression Technology
  • DVD Acceleration Support
  • Trilinear Filtering Capability
  • Core Clock Speed: 125 MHz


The HP S3 Graphics Twister-K is a part of the Twister series of chipsets from S3 Graphics that was introduced to the market after acquisition of S3 by VIA. This series was created by integrating S3's existing Savage 2000 2D's Silicon architecture with the hardware of the Savage 4 3D series of cards. Savage 4 had a graphics core of 125 MHz and featured single-cycle trilinear filtering as well as S3TC texture compression, with a 64-bit memory bus. The core S3TC technology of the card was supported by some of the top high profile games of its time. The card implemented measures to ensure lower power consumption. In certain specific operating systems, the card was also capable of direct rendering.

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The Twister series featured S3TC or S3 Texture Compression technology from S3 Corporation. It allowed data compression at a fixed rate and featured single memory access. The S3TC algorithm has five different variations. Each one is specifically designed to handle a particular type of image data. These features made the technology useful when compressing textures in games and other programs that used 3D graphics. The technology went on to become popular enough to be included in both Direct X 6.0 as well as OpenGL 1.3, which in turn led to it being adopted by a considerable number of hardware and software vendors.