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Samsung Modem
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Samsung LT56ADW Modem






WIndows XP 32-bit

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356 KB

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Samsung Modem


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  • Internal Modem
  • Modem Type: Fax/Modem
  • Analog Modulation Protocol: ITU V.92
  • Speed: 56 KBps
  • RJ11 Connector


A Samsung LT56ADW Modem comes pre-installed in a range of Samsung branded laptops, for example the Samsung NP-X60 Plus Core 2 Duo Notebook, the Samsung R20 and the Samsung Q35. With it, the user can surf the internet at speeds of up to 56 KBps. It is a dial-up modem that needs a telephone connection to work and is built inside the laptop, so the user does not have to open up the machine or install the hardware. However, the user also has the option of attaching an external modem to the laptop computer if his internal modem is not functioning or if he faces any other problems.

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The modem connects to the phone line using a standard RJ11 connector. RJ or registered jack connector is a standardized interface and is thus supported all over the world in order to connect telecom devices to providers. It was originally standardized in USA by the FCC, but later adopted internationally with some modifications. However, it is not just an interface standard, but also a wiring standard that uses many types of physical jacks, for example the mini ribbon connector type with 50 pins. Some of the most common types of such jacks are the RJ14, the RJ25 and of course, the RJ11.