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Santa Cruz(tm)
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Turtle Beach Santa Cruz


Turtle Beach




Windows XP 32-bit

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19.7 MB

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Santa Cruz(tm)


/5 from 20 reviews.


  • Graphic Equalizer: 10-Band
  • DLS Synthesizer: 8 MB
  • Audio Output Interface: S/PDIF
  • Digital Recording Frequency Response: 10 Hz ? 20 kHz
  • Digital Output: 48 kHz PCM Audio, Dolby Digital


Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card utilizes proprietary Sensaura HRTF 3D sound technology to create a true surround sound effect. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) has the ability to accelerate as many as 16 software-based and 32 hardware-based DirectSound3D streams. The 3D audio output generated by the hardware is compatible with established standards like A3D 1.0, IA3D, EAX 1.0 and 2.0 (developed by Creative), and MacroFX. The card can be connected to any Dolby Digital decoder via its S/PDIF interface. It is equipped with a 10-Band graphic equalizer, as well as an 8 MB DLS Synthesizer that offers Host load sharing/Scalable DSP functionality.

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The product makes use of HRTF 3D sound technology developed by Sensaura. HRTF, the acronym for Head-Related Transfer Function, simulates the way human ears react to sound coming from a particular point in space. A pair of HRTFs are used in conjunction with a pair of stereo headphones to create an illusion of the source of sound (or music) moving in a circular path around the user's head, thereby creating a 3D audio effect. Some types of HRTF-processing are also built into software programs to create a similar effect using a set of speakers instead of headphones, but in that case the space where the sound is being played needs to be properly insulated, in order to prevent any leakage of sound.