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Silicon Image SiI 3531 SATA Controller
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Silicon Image SiI3531 - PCI Express (1x) to 1 Port SATA300 SATA Controller


Silicon Image




Windows 7 32-bit

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  • PCI Express Support: Single-lane (2.5 GB/sec)
  • Native Command Queuing Support: Yes
  • Compliance: PCI-E 1.0a
  • Maximum Data Transfer Rate: 3.0 GB/sec (SATA II)
  • Architecture: Single PLL


Sil3531, developed by Silicon Image is a single-lane, PCI-E to single port - SATA II (2nd Generation), host controller capable of supporting data transfer speeds as high as 3 Gb/sec. It is compliant with 1.0a specifications of both PCI Express and Serial ATA technologies. It also offers support for many of the optional features implemented in SATA II (2nd Generation). All data registers utilized by the product appear in a unified memory space, and can be accessed quickly by the CPU through a common I/O space, when data transfer is in progress. The host controller provides support for first-party DMA features, and also for hot plugging of all ExpressCard applications.

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SATA II is the second generation version of Serial ATA data transfer technology, which is well-known for providing extremely high data transfer speeds not attainable by any other technology of that type. Theoretically, the technology is capable of providing data transfer speeds as high as 3.0 Gb/sec in burst transfer mode, but most hard disks are not capable of supporting such high speeds. That is why the optimum speed of SATA controllers is estimated to be somewhere around the 2.4 Gb/sec mark. All SATA data cables are capable of offering backward compatibility with earlier generations of SATA, albeit with slower data transfer speeds.