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SiS 650-651
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SiS 650 Series Driver for SiS 650-651






Windows XP 32/64-bit

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15.31 MB

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SiS 650-651


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  • CPU Socket: Socket 478
  • Memory Type: SDRAM, DDR
  • Front Side Bus: 400 MHz
  • Maximum Memory Support: 3 GB
  • Audio Support: 6.1 Channel


SiS 650 is a chipset for motherboards, developed by Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) utilizing the 478-pin socket architecture. The product can support a single Pentium 4 or Celeron processor, offering a Front Side Bus (FSB) clock speed of 400 MHz to ensure quick transfer of commands from processor to memory controller. It can support a maximum of 3 GB single-channel memory (of type DDR or SDRAM). The chipset can support a 10/100 Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). It also supports USB 1.1 connectivity for Plug and Play (PnP) devices. In motherboards that have AGP slots for installing dedicated GPUs, the chipset can support an AGP 4x slot. It can also support 6.1 channel audio.

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The design of the chipset is based on Socket 478, which essentially means it can only work with processors built on that architecture. Socket 478 CPUs have 478 contact points (pins) and ZIF (Zero Insertion Force). The structure was developed to take the place of Socket 423, which was built on the Willamette core and discontinued after only a short time due to its limited clock support. All Pentium 4 (Northwood), Celeron, and Celeron D class processors manufactured by Intel are based on the Socket 478 architecture, and as such are the only ones that are supported by the 650 chipset. Curiously, some mobile processors manufactured by Intel are also available in the 478-socket package, but are not supported by the chipset.