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SiS 651-661FX-741-760-760GX-M661FX-M661MX-M741-M760-M760GX
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SiS 651






Windows XP 32/64-bit

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15.31 MB

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  • Front Side Bus: 533/400 MHz
  • CPU Socket: Socket 423, Socket 478
  • Memory Type: SDRAM, DDR
  • Maximum Memory Support: 3 GB
  • LAN Support: 10/100


SiS 651 is a chipset designed by Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), available in two different variants (Socket 478 and Socket 423) according to the number of connectors present in it. The product was specifically built to support Northbridge Pentium 4 (P4) processors from Intel, and offers out of the box support for HyperThreading technology utilized by many P4 processors. Depending on the structure, it offers either a 533 MHz, or a 400 MHz Front Side Bus (FSB). The product can support a maximum of 3 GB single channel memory (DDR or SDRAM). The chipset supports IEEE 1394a FireWire connectivity interface. It can also support 6-channel audio.

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The product offers out of the box support for the Hyper-Threading Technology utilized by Pentium 4 series processors from Intel. Hyper-Threading (or HT as it is often referred to) allows multiple ?threads? per CPU, thus giving the impression of multiple logical (or virtual) processors. Think of Hyper Threading as increasing the number of lanes in a road. Instructions to be processed by CPU are evenly distributed among these ?lanes? whenever possible, thereby increasing processing speed to a good extent. The main purpose of the technology is to ensure that the processing pipelines are not occupied by queues of instructions for too long. Any operating system used in conjunction with HT-enabled processors must also support multiple-processor environments, in order to utilize the benefits of this technology.