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SiS 740
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SiS 740






Windows XP 32/64-bit

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15.31 MB

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SiS 740


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  • CPU Socket: Socket A (462)
  • Front Side Bus: 266/200 MHz
  • Memory Channels: Single
  • Memory Type: DDR, SDRAM
  • Maximum Memory Support: 1.5 GB


SiS 740 chipset has been designed by Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) to be used in conjunction with a single processor, which can support Socket 462 (or Socket A) architecture. The Front Side Bus (FSB) of the product runs at a clock speed of 266/200 MHz (depending on the model), allowing swift transfer of instructions from the processor core to the memory controller. The chipset can support a maximum of 1.5 GB single channel memory, of type SDRAM or DDR. It is capable of supporting 6-channel audio. It can also offer out of the box support for USB 1.1 connectivity, which is used by many PC peripherals of Plug and Play type.

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The chipset has been developed according to the Socket A (or Socket 462, as it is often referred to in documentations) architecture and its socket type is zero insertion force pin grid array. CPUs utilizing this structure have 453 pins, along with 9 blocked pins, so as to prevent users from accidentally installing processors built on the Socket 370 structure. Due to its connection properties, this product can only work with processors that have 453 connectors (and 9 blocked). This criterion is only satisfied by Duron, Athlon, and Geode NX processors (derived from the Mobile Athlon series); all manufactured by AMD.