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SiS M650-651-650-740
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SiS M650






Windows XP 32/64-bit

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15.31 MB

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  • CPU Socket: Socket 478
  • Memory Type: DDR, SDRAM
  • Maximum Memory Support: 3 GB
  • Front Side Bus: 533/400 MHz
  • Audio Support: 6 Channel


SiS M650 is a chipset for motherboards, developed by Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS), according to the Socket 478 architecture. The product is equipped with a Front Side Bus running at 533/400 MHz (depending on the version). It can support a single memory channel, and a maximum 3 GB of memory (SDRAM/DDR). When used in motherboards that offer AGP slots for installation of independent GPUs, the product can support an AGP 4x slot. Apart from this, the product also offers out of the box support for multimedia and networking devices. It supports 6 channel audio, for instance, as well as 10/100 LAN. It also has provides support for USB 1.1 connectivity.

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The product can be installed on a motherboard that has only one memory channel. These channels are connecting circuits between the CPU and memory modules, and end in slots where RAM modules (commonly referred to as RAM sticks) can be installed. When the CPU is active, it sends instructions to the Front Side Bus of the chipset of the motherboard. The latter, in turn, sends those instructions through the memory controller to the memory channel. The memory modules connected to the channel then act as a buffer, holding the data while it is being processed by the CPU. The chipset being described supports a single memory channel, which means it can transfer data to at most two memory modules. The modules may be single data-read type (SDRAM), or double data rate - read type (DDR).