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SiS Mirage Graphics
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SIS Mirage 3 671MX Graphics Card






Windows 7 32-bit

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10.8 MB

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  • Core Clock Speed: 250 MHz
  • Shader Clock Speed: 250 MHz
  • DirectX 8.1 Support
  • Shader Model 1.3 Support
  • Pixel Shader Pipelines: 2


SiS Mirage 3 671MX is an integrated graphics card developed by Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) to be used in laptop computers. The card sports a graphics chipset with core clock speed of 250 MHz. It supports Shader Model 1.3 when running games under Microsoft DirectX 8.1. The card is equipped with 2 pixel pipelines and a single pipeline for handling vertex shaders. The card shares the memory installed in the computer, which means that its performance can increase if the user allows more RAM to be shared with the chipset of the card. However, the maximum amount of memory that the card can support in this manner is 256 MB.

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The device being described is an integrated graphics adapter (commonly called onboard graphics card), which is installed on the motherboard just like any other chipset. The chips used in graphics cards utilizing this technology usually have little processing power, and almost no independent memory to work with. As such, these cards have to be connected with the memory controller of the motherboard, and use part of the system RAM when running any graphical application. If a computer has excess RAM, then this will usually not cause any noticeable degradation in performance. However, such cards cannot be expected to run heavy duty graphics applications like games with highly detailed graphics, as the processing power of the chipsets of these cards is usually quite low.