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Sony Ericsson VDC EGPRS Modem
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Sony Ericsson VDC Driver for Sony VAIO UX280P Micro






Windows XP 32-bit

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5.77 MB

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  • Service Supported: CSD, EDGE, GPRS, SMS
  • Error Correction: End to End MNP 2-4 & LAPM (V.42) & network support RLP
  • GSM Data: 9.6 & 14.4 Kb/sec
  • Compression: MNP 5 & V.42 bis GSM network support required for compression.
  • TCP/IP: Version 4


The Sony Ericsson VDC EGPRS Modem is a component of the VAIO UX280P Micro PC that allows the user to connect to the internet using EDGE technology. It supports various GSM networks like 850, 1800 as well as 1900, and also allows the user to send SMSs from the computer itself. The modem is powered by the battery in the micro PC itself, so it does not need any external power source, nor does it need to be separately charged. The maximum downlink data rate over an EDGE connection that the user will receive is 247.4 Kb/sec, while the maximum uplink data rate is 123.7 Kb/sec.

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The product supports EDGE technology for internet connectivity. EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution), which is also known as EGPRS, is a step above the standard GSM technology in terms of speed, even though it is based on the same hardware. EDGE uses nine coding and modulations schemes, in comparison to the four coding schemes used by GPRS and can provide data speeds four times higher than traditional GSM. Additionally, its end to end latency is less than 150 ms. Thus, even though it's not as fast as 3G, the ITU has officially classified it as part of the 3G family. Because it can be deployed on older GSM hardware, EDGE networks can be found all over the world.