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Synaptics Serial TouchPad
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Synaptics Serial TouchPad




Keyboards & Mice


Windows XP

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118 MB

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  • Type: Touch Pad
  • Cache: 512Kb
  • Buttons: 2
  • Track Space: 100 x 56 mm (depends on model)
  • Compatible Processor: Tualatin Mobile Pentium III Processor-M


When released, Dell's Precision M40 was one of the few products of its kind with the capabilities to conduct heavier computer applications such as content creation in 3D, which demands a great deal of computing power among other things. It is also capable of outstanding acceleration for both 2D and 3D graphics, and considerable throughput. The Precision M40 was actually designed to work with one of Intel's mobile processors, 'Tualatin' Pentium III Processor-M running at 1.2GHz. This processor sports a Level 2 cache of .5 MB and is also equipped with advancements that are specifically for Intel's SpeedStep technology, which was designed to help users conserve power during operation of the device.

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In computing, a vast majority of PCs and computer systems need a way for the human users to communicate with, give instructions to, and receive information from the computer itself. HIDs or human interface devices do exactly what their name says, permitting humans to interact with a machine for various purposes. A classic example of an HID would be the computer mouse. In laptops, of course, most users replace the mouse with another type of HID called the touch or track pad.