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Terratec G1 Video Driver
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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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5.6 MB

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This download updates the driver for TerratecG1 to the latest version as per manufacturers release notes. The TerraTec_G1_Drv_Setup_5.09.1202.00_XP_Vista_7.exe driver is valid for all TerratecG1 with the following specs; PC Interface: USB Input Interface: Scart, Composite and S-Video Video Standards: PAL, NTSC and SECAM Capture Rate; PAL: 720x576 px. @ 25 fps NTSC: 720x480 px. @ 29.9 fps The TerratecG1 is an inline, compact video digitizer that converts analogue signas such as those coming from a VCR including VHS, Video 8, Betamax and others into a digital file format which can be stored on your computers hard drive or burned to a disc.

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The software supplied with the TerratecG1, lets you capture video from your old VHS tapes, edit it and save it to your hard drive for easy play-back. It can export to both MPEG-2 and HD WMV formats, ensuring compatible playback across most devices. MPEG-2 is a lossy video compression format widely used for television transmissions and DVD playback. Lossy video compression minimizes the amount of data used in a video file by removing the extra quality a human eye cant perceive. A large percentage of information can be removed with the image / video staying perception-ally intact. WMV is a family of proprietary codecs by Windows used for video compression. The WMV specification was submitted to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers for standardization and was approved in March 2006, making it an open standard.