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Texas Instruments PCI7420 Integrated FlashMedia Controller
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Texas Instruments PCI7420


Texas Instruments


Input/Output Devices


Windows XP

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  • Type: Integrated Media Reader
  • Interface: PCI Local Bus
  • Feature: PC Card Standard 8.0 compliant
  • Feature: ACPI Specification 2.0 compliant
  • Feature: PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification 1.1 compliant


The PCI7620 by Texas Instruments is a device that serves as an integrated dual-socket card controller that incorporates a Smart Card and IEEE 1394 open-HCI host controller. Compatible cards include SD, MMC and Sony?s Memory Stick controller. This device allows users to get the utmost versatility and flexibility of function provided by the later developments in these different technologies. The PCI7620 is also compliant with Revision 2.3 of the PCI Bus Specification.

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