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Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated Flashmedia Controller Driver
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Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated Flashmedia C


Windows XP, 7

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This download updates the driver for Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated Flashmedia Controller to the latest version as per manufacturers release notes. The TIDMSC-00967112-XP.EXE driver is valid for all Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated Flashmedia Controller with the following specs; OEM: Sony Compatible Models: VGN-C210E VGN-C210E/H VGN-C210E/P VGN-C220E VGN-C220E/H VGN-C240E VGN-C240E/ VGN-C250N VGN-C250N/B VGN-C260E VGN-C260E/B VGN-C290 VGN-C290E/BW VGN-C290NW/H VGN-C291 VGN-C291NW/G VGN-C291NW/H VGN-C291NW/P VGN-C291NW/W VGN-N220E VGN-N220E/B VGN-N220E/W VGN-N230E VGN-N230E/B VGN-N230E/T VGN-N230E/W VGN-N230N VGN-N230N/B VGN-N250E VGN-N250E/B VGN-N250E/W VGN-N250N VGN-N250N/B VGN-N270E VGN-N270E/T VGN-N270E/W VGN-N320E VGN-N320E/B VGN-N320E/W VGN-N325E VGN-N325E/B VGN-N325E/W VGN-N330N VGN-N330N/B VGN-N350E VGN-N350E/B VGN-N350E/T VGN-N350E/W VGN-N350N VGN-N350N/B VGN-N365E VGN-N365E / B VGN-N370E VGN-N370E/T VGN-N370E/W VGN-N385E VGN-N385E/B VGN-N385E/W VGN-N385N VGN-N395E VGN-N395E/B VGN-N395E/W VGN-NR310E VGN-NR310E/S VGN-NR320E VGN-NR320E/S VGN-NR330E VGN-NR330E/S VGN-NR360E VGN-NR360E/S VGN-NR360E/T VGN-NR360E/W VGN-NR370N VGN-NR370N/S VGN-NR380E VGN-NR380E/S VGN-NR385E VGN-NR385E/S VGN-NR385E/T VGN-NR385E/W VGN-NR398E VGN-NR398E/S VGN-NR398E/SC VGN-NR410E VGN-NR420E VGN-NR430E VGN-NR430E/L VGN-NR460E VGN-NR460E/L VGN-NR460E/P VGN-NR460E/S VGN-NR460E/T VGN-NR460E/W VGN-NR475N VGN-NR480E VGN-NR485E VGN-NR490E VGN-NR490E/L VGN-NR490E/P VGN-NR490E/S VGN-NR490E/T VGN-NR490E/W VGN-NR498E VGN-NR498E/L VGN-NR498E/P VGN-NR498E/S VGN-NR498E/T VGN-NR498E/W

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Texas Instruments' PCIxx12 Integrated Flashmedia Controller is a family of analogue PCI solutions. Depending on the version being used, it can support IEEE 1394, Flashmedia PC Card and open HCI. All versions belong to the PCI CardBus Controller SubFamily and run at 3.3V. Current active versions include: PCI4512, PCI6412, PCI7412 and PCI8412.