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U.S. Robotics 56K Voice Host Int
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U.S. Robotics (USR5610B) 56k V92 Pci95/98/nt4/w2k/xp






Windows Vista

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16 KB

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  • Type: Modem
  • Interface Bus: PCI
  • Chipset: 3Com
  • Max Transmission Rate: 56Kbps
  • Cable Interface: RJ11 port


The US Robotics 56k V92 uses a probing technology that finds the most efficient path for connection to download faster and avoid dropped calls. It also has a digital line guard that helps you avoid possible damage to your modem when connecting to a digital or PBX phone line by protecting the circuit. The software is also upgradeable, which makes it more convenient for you to change your modem requirements and capabilities as the need arises.

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A modem, like the US Robotics 56k V92, is basically a modulator and a demodulator in one device. It is capable of modulating a carrier signal, which is in analog form, for the purpose of encoding information in the digital format. In the same way, it also demodulates the signal for purposes of decoding the data that is being transmitted. These devices are often categorized according to how much data they can send at a time, with the standard measurements being expressed in figures of bps (bits per second). The first adaptation was in 1943 for a unit of recording equipment that was able to transmit punched cards at 25 bits per second.