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USB 2.0 2.0M UVC WebCam
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Chicony USB 2.0 2.0M UVC WebCam






Windows 7 64-bit

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2.89 MB

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  • Maximum Resolution: 1600 x 1200
  • Video Capture Speed: 30 fps
  • 16-bit True Color Support
  • Videoconferencing Support
  • Lens Type: Fixed Focus


Chicony USB 2.0 2.0M UVC WebCam was designed specifically to be used with laptop computers. As such, the power draw of the device is quite low, and the power supplied by the USB cable is sufficient for running it. The fixed focus lens of the webcam is capable of capturing video at 30 fps, making it possible to have videoconferences. It is capable of taking still pictures as well, at a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 (that is, UXGA resolution). The camera also offers support for 16-bit true color, and as a result can reproduce natural colors of photographed objects with high degree of accuracy.

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The camera is equipped with a fixed focus lens (also referred to as focus free lens). The focus of such a lens is set when it is manufactured, and is, by convention, set to the hyperfocal distance. That way, the depth of field (DoF) of the device ranges between 50% of that distance and infinity. This much DoF is usually enough for any camera used for capturing videos and still images with humans, animals, or any object greater than a meter in any one dimension (length, breadth, or height). Most focus free cameras have small apertures, so that the DoF effect is intensified. This helps in producing high quality images, when objects being photographed are located close to the camera. However, objects placed far away from the lens may appear blurry in photographs.