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USB Serial Port Converter Driver
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ATEN USB to RS-232 Adapter UC-232A


Windows XP

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This download updates the driver for the USB Serial Converter Port to the latest version as per manufacturers release notes. The driver is valid for all ATEN USB to RS-232 Adapter UC-232A USB Serial Converters with the following specs; USB: Type A Serial: DB-9 Max Data transfer Rate: 230KBps Cable Lenght: 35cms

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The RS-232 is a family of communication standards first introduced in 1962. Serial ports comply to this standard that sends data one bit at a time. A Standard serial port has a maximum of 115Kbps transfer speed whilst in comparison, the newly released USB 3.0 supports up to 5,242,800Kbps transfer speeds. Serial ports support a variety of peripherals than can range from modems to older digital cameras and mice. Serial port connectivity is still widely used in network equipment configuration ports due to the fact that they are widely standardized, cost-effective to produce and require very little support.