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VIA Rev 2 USB Universal Host Controller
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Windows 7

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  • Interface: SATA 2.0
  • Processor supported: VIA Nano™ X2, VIA Nano™, VIA Nano 3000 Series™, VIA C7®-M , VIA Eden™ X2, VIA Eden™ processors V4 protocol supporting 1066/800/533/400MHz FSB
  • Integrated 2D Graphics Processor : 128-bit 2D engine with hardware rotation capability, High Definition video processor with VMR capability, Up to 512 MB frame buffer
  • Additional Memory: SD/MMC/MS/MS pro Memory Card Support
  • Video Formats: H.264, MPEG-4/AVC, MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV-HD, and AVS


The VX900 is capable of filtering and post-processing video in MPEG-4/AVC, H.264, MPEG-2, VC-1, WMV-HD, and AVS video formats. It also enables support for connectivity standards like HDMI, Display Port, DVP, VGA, and LVDS/TMDS. In terms of memory, DDR3 RAM is supported up to 1066MHz and the VX900 is compatible with the VIA Nano, C7, and Eden processors. Relevant features of the VX900 are high quality hardware HD video decoding, higher display connectivity, DDR3 support, DirectX 9 graphics support, and technology support for up to eight USB ports. This unit likewise supports VIA Vinyl HD audio with surround sound.

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