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Video Wonder DVB-T
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ATI TV Wonder HD 600 PCIE PC TV Tuner




Input/Output Devices


Windows XP

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2.9 MB

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Video Wonder DVB-T


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  • Type: TV tuner
  • Interface: PCI E
  • Ports: Ports InF-Type Coax input for Analog TV (NTSC)/Digital or HDTV (ATSC or Clear-QAM) S-Video input Stereo audio input Composite video input
  • Tv Standard: TV StandardsATSC / ClearQAM / NTSC
  • Bundled Software: Power Cinema 10 foot UI Media Center™


The ATI TV Wonder™ HD 600 Combo PCI Express is an HD personal video recorder that enables your personal computer or laptop to have several media abilities that would transform it into a supreme entertainment system. Tune it to DTV (DVB-T) or analog TV broadcasts. Listen to local FM stations or get your recorded TV shows and convert them, transfer and watch them on a portable media player. Its Power Cinema 10 foot UI Media Center™ software permits a host of useful functions, including full personal video recording as well as time shifting, DVD Playback and Teletext.

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A television tuner can convert a radio frequency as well as an analog or digital television broadcast transmission into audio and video signals that may be viewed in, recorded and converted by the host computer or laptop. These signals may be further processed to produce better quality sound and videos. Different tuners are used for the various television standards. NTSC, ATSC, SECAM, PAL, T-DMB, DVB-C, ISDB, DVB-T, and open cable are some of these standards.