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ZTE Mass Storage Device
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Applies to:

ZTE K3565Z






Windows XP

File Size:

95.5 MB

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  • Flash Memory Drive: Micro SD memory card slot
  • GPRS: 57.6 Kbit/s
  • Communications Protocol: 3G Broadband (HSDPA), EDGE and GPRS enabled (3.6 Mbps capable)
  • GSM Frequency Bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
  • Interface: USB 2.0


The ZTE K3565Z is a mass storage device and USB modem in one. It has a Micro SD memory card slot where Micro SD cards can be placed and used to store various media and documents. Micro SD cards come in 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. The size of the storage space will depend on the user. Micro SD cards are not included when purchasing this product. The user of the ZTE K3565Z can buy a Micro SD card suitable for his or her needs.

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Some USB modems allow for mass storage by providing Micro SD card slots where Micro SD cards from 2 GBs to 32 GBs can be placed. This allows the user to bring along his important files in a device that can enable him to go online and get connected in a flash. This is good for storing and bringing along video clips, music, pictures, documents, spread sheets and presentations that are needed in urgent situations. There are other means to store and bring around files but having them on a memory card or USB is most convenient. 14.12.2011 ZTE USB Modem FFFF Network ZTE K3565Z USB Modem Windows XP 103 MB Setup-10.2.302.33178-RC1.full.uncompressed(1).zip NA 10.2.302 ZTE GSM Frequency Bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 Interface: USB 2.0 GPRS: 57,6 KBit/s Flash Memory Drive: MicroSD memory card slot Communications Protocol: 3G Broadband (HSDPA), EDGE and GPRS enabled (3.6 Mbps capable) The ZTE K3565Z USB Modem is 3G, EDGE and GPRS enabled. It has a Micro SD memory card slot and can double as a USB flash drive. Personal computers or laptops with a Microsoft Windows Operating System (Vista, XP service pack 2 and above, Windows 2000 service pack 4) may send an SMS to cell phones through their computers. This USB Modem can also be used on Mac Computers with MacOSX 10.3.9 and above, though SMS sending will not be possible. The ZTE K3565Z USB Modem has a built-in Vodafone Mobile Connect Software for easy installation. A USB modem is a device that brings Internet connectivity to the desktop or laptop where it is connected through a USB port. It is most commonly used with laptops by people constantly on the go. Different cell phone and Internet providers sell USB modems and people can avail of Internet connectivity through pre-paid and post-paid plans. These USB modems also enable people to send SMS to cell phones from their personal computers and laptops. 14.12.2011 Bluetooth Communic