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Civilization IV patch
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Civilization IV




Civilization IV

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This latest patch for Civilization IV (also called Civilization 4 or Civ 4) can be applied only to the retail version of Civilization IV (and not the demo). It includes a huge number of tweaks and fixes including:
  • Added Africa, Europe, East Asia, Eastern US and South America maps.
  • PitBoss no longer crashes on victory.
  • ATI issue Failed to Init Renderer Fixed.
  • Multiplayer Lobby list jump problem and lobby crash fixed.
  • fixed war weariness calculation bug.
  • units maintain their name when upgraded.
  • fixed Gold-for-Gold diplo exploit.
  • fixed no research choice overflow exploit.
  • Fix for voice initialization crash.

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  • Fix addressing takeover AI and retirement OOS.
  • increased cost of Apollo Program.
  • Include WB map size in the description field.
  • Save login name.
  • Added password encryption.
  • Added regenerate Map Button to World builder Map Mode.
  • more logging for init failure.
  • minspec / video memory checking.
  • Added ability to change to and from fullscreen while in-game.
  • holding during startup will clean out the cache.
  • improved bink playback, added ini options.
  • Fixed issue with diplomacy text being always used in its first form in the translator.
  • Popups, screens, and diplomacy properly cleared when exiting from main menu.
  • fixed AI units not obeying open borders rules on declaration of war.