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Black and White 2 1.1 patch
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Black and White 2 1.1 (full version)




Black and White 2 1.1 (full version)

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The Black and White 2 1.1 update patch contains performance enhancements, fixes and adjustments to balances in the gameplay. Important: any save games from version 1.0 of Black and White 2 are not compatible with this 1.1 update. EA advises that if you have old save games, it is recommended that they are removed from your 'Black & White 2-Profiles' folder before starting a new game with the patch. Interestingly they then add: 'The patch is not vital'. Well, if the game keeps crashing on you, you would probably consider the patch to be vital This compatibility issue means you will probably need to start over.

PC Mechanic - Fix your PC's Windows registry errors.

Here are the some of the fixes:
  • Fixed a crash involving creature/tree interaction when the tree had no town status.
  • Fixed a creature issue which could stop the paternity suit or seven samurai challenges.
  • Fixed general balance issues involving rush tactics by an Aggressive God.
  • Fixed a crash involving smashing a two story skyscraper.
  • Fixed a crash involving walls where a new section of wall from a previously destroyed one could be created.
  • Fixed a crash when deconstructing a wall while placing a gatehouse.
  • Fixed a bug where evil embellishments couldn't be built if you are a good God.
  • Fixed a graphical bug causing the shoreline visuals to vanish.