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FIFA Manager 06 patch 1.1
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FIFA Manager 06




FIFA Manager 06

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This update for FIFA Manager 06 is relatively small, considering it fixes around 175 bugs in the game. Here are just the the first 10 listed fixes:
  • A crash that could occur when exchanging players.
  • Pause button will now be disabled in 'Proceed one day' mode.
  • Changed the data format of transfer fees on several screens.
  • You cannot loan out star players from other teams so easily anymore.
  • Transfers at the start of the first season have been drastically reduced, so that teams will look the same for the frist season as in reality (you can re-enable transfers by adding NO_REDUCED_TRANSFERS_1ST_SEASON=1 to the user.ini).
  • Fixed a crash when you opened player details form the team of the day (website) and then selected Player comparism. This only happened if the player was from your own team.
  • The browse screen only showed up to 100 clubs. If you played a 'Creat a club'-game, there could have been much more teams, so that it wasn't possible to select you own club besides many other.
  • A club won't allow to take their star players on trial anymore.
  • If a transfer fee is offered and the bid was rejected the transfer fee was set to 0 in the transfer history. It will now remember the last fee offered.
  • Player names for players with pseudonym will now be shown in the general section of the player details screen.

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