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Football Manager 2006 Patch 6.0.3
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Full version of Football Manager 2006




Full version of Football Manager 2006 (running on Windows)

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This latest patch for Football Manager 2006 can be applied only to the retail version of Football Manager 2006 (and not the demo). It includes a huge number of tweaks and fixes including:
  • Tuning of young player physical progression.
  • Spanish regenerated players and virtual players do not get given common names as much.
  • Goalkeeping coaches now do not have high ratings for other coaching types.
  • Loan players who have a "cannot play in cup matches" clause, can play in competitions which their main team are not entered for.
  • Arsenal now use their red and white home top from the 2006 season onwards.
  • Slovenian wages tuned.
  • Mental attributes and happiness have more effect on training levels.
  • Ensured team talk slight concerns get cleared down for loan players who have been loaned from non_selected leagues.
  • Toned down severe post-match player morale changes, this ensures players take at least a couple of good matches to go from poor/very poor morale to very good/superb morale and vice versa.
  • Ensured human managers don't get criticised for not praising thier own players when in fact they have left team-talks to their assistant managers.
  • Stopped "grey team managers" being given negative attributes and therefore sabotaging their own teams causing some very big defeats.

PC Mechanic - Fix your PC's Windows registry errors.

  • Teams in the same division should not have the potential for a giant-killing news story even if one is semi-pro and one is pro.
  • Prevented board/fans/former club favourite/current player congratulations news items from appearing after a team has qualified for the Uefa Cup via the Intertoto Cup.
  • Adjusted the increase / decrease of human manager visible attributes.
  • Reduced inflation of price clubs are willing to pay for a player based on domestic average rating.
  • Ensured assistant coach/manager can't give feedback on himself.
  • Some tweaks to coach and team reports.
  • Monaco virtual players now have French nationality instead of having Monaco set as their nation.
  • Fixed stadium expansion bug where team would sometimes not move back to their old stadium once it was finished.
  • Fixed problem where some players would start the first season with stats from the previous year.
  • Fixed second nationalities for regens - previously weren't getting set properly.
  • Fixed problem with caretakers manager's hanging around for ages without being offered the job or a replacement being found.
  • Fixed differing time periods for injury between profile and physio report.
  • Fixed players reaction to manager mind-games not showing up on client machines when playing network game.
  • Fixed receiving news story stating Liverpool fifth times when should be sixth times champions.
  • Fixed cases of manager being hired from within the club having the wrong 'time in charge' stat.
  • Fixed players on loan at a club who are signing for them at a later date (e.g. Laurent Robert) getting wrong player_bio about them.
  • Fixed a bug where you can fine a player who is on loan to you and he will get upset with the club that owns the player.