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Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Update 2
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Flight Simulator 2000 (professional version)




Flight Simulator 2000 (professional version)
Click here for the Standard edition patch
Windows 95/98

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Update 2 includes all the fixes from Update 1. It can installed with either the original version of Flight Simulator 2000 or a version that has already been patched with update 1. Warning: make sure that you download the correct patch - if you download the standard and apply it to the professional edition (or vice versa), Flight Simulator 2000 will cease to function. This update includes:

Dynamic Scenery
  • With this update, dynamic scenery will work both day and night, whether you have shadows turned ON or OFF.
  • Flight Simulator now includes shadows for aircraft, buildings, and dynamic scenery. The complete redesign of the scenery system in Flight Simulator 2000 made the previous method of displaying shadows obsolete.
  • To view shadows, make sure that the Aircraft Shadows and Ground Scenery Shadows settings are selected in the
  • Image Quality tab of the Display Settings dialog box. To get to this dialog box in Flight Simulator, click the Options menu, point to Settings, and then click Display. Then click the Image Quality tab.

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Other New Fixes
  • The problem with setup failing to rename some files has been solved. The problem was a result of incorrect registry settings.
  • Autopilot-induced oscillations while following the ILS glideslope have been fixed.
  • Displayed ATIS frequencies are now limited to frequencies tunable with the Communication radio.
  • The Learjet 45 and the Boeing 737-400 ADF needles now correct for magnetic variation.
  • Voodoo2 video cards now correctly render gauges.
  • The VSI needle in the Learjet and the 777 move in full scale when metric units of measure are in use.