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The Settlers - Heritage of Kings patch 1.05 with six new maps
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The Settlers - Heritage of Kings




The Settlers - Heritage of Kings

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This 1.03 update for The Settlers - Heritage of Kings can be used for any unpatched or previously patched version of the game (eg if you have 1.01, then you can use this to update to 1.05). It features

Six New Maps
Three maps can be played with all products: Scarred Land, Solitude Isles, Clash of Heroes. The following maps require the expansion disc: At the Gates, Bandit Forrest, Sabotage in the Moor.

  • Support for ladder added. You can now play 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 ladder matches via
  • Improved cavalry balancing.
  • You can cycle through workers without bed or farm.
  • Heroes are immune to "Fear".
  • Heroes' special abilities are usable when they are part of a multi-selection. In the German version, the keys you need to press for this are "oe" and "ae".
  • In multiplayer mode there is now a color that indicates whether a player can join a game or play with another player.
  • After disconnecting from a game, the player does not need to log back on to any more.
  • The account is used on all in-game screens.
  • Walls look better in Fog of War.

PC Mechanic - Fix your PC's Windows registry errors.

Bug Fixes
  • Pilgrim's bomb is not removed by a building or his own cannon any more.
  • In multiselection, Pilgrim's cannon does not cause Salim to move any more.
  • The mini map always shows battle signals at the correct positions.
  • The bug when selecting Pilgrim's cannon causes an exception in certain circumstances is fixed.
  • The occasional freeze when the auto cannon loses its target does not occur any more.
  • When several heroes are selected Salim's trap does not cause a crash to desktop any more.
  • All technology tooltips are now correct.
  • When using the "blessing" of the church, only the correct workers are blessed.
  • Double clicking serfs near the edge of the map always selects only the serfs displayed on the screen.