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Rome - Total War patch 1.5
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Rome - Total War




Rome - Total War patched to 1.3 (get it here)

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The Rome - Total War 1.5 update patch contains performance enhancements and includes a number of gaming fixes. You must patch Rome - Total War to version 1.3 before applying the 1.5 update (get the 1.3 update here). This update has the following improvements:
  • Fixed the memory leak slowdown issue that was seen when playing the campaign map for prolonged periods.
  • Fixed the Naval battles that were not working correctly in version 1.3. AI-controlled factions will now make proper use of ships.
  • Saved games from version 1.2 will work in version 1.5. A couple of other problems with saved games have also been fixed to prevent crashes.
  • The Gauls can no longer recruit Naked Fanatics as they no longer have farming-related shrines and temples.
  • Academy-class buildings now give a law bonus, as they do in the BI expansion pack. These buildings now have uses in cities without governors or generals in residence.
  • Only Roman factions can hold Games at an Arena-class building.
  • Diplomacy has been tweaked so that Roman diplomatic activity is more coherent.
  • Fleeing armies can now only flee once after a large battle defeat.
  • The AI will now use 'fire at will' with idle units so that they throw pila at nearby enemies.
  • The AI will now make a decision about throwing pila before charging into combat based on the location of enemy units.

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