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Tiberian Sun 2.03 patch
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Applies to:

Tiberian Sun


Westwood Studios


Tiberian Sun (full English version)
Windows 95/98

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The Tiberian Sun patch 2.03 will fix several bugs while providing improved design related issues (only effective in multiplay and skirmish):

Nod Artillery:
  • Rate of fire decreased.
  • Damage decreased, approximately 20 percent.
  • Less effective against infantry.
Nod SAM Site:
  • Power requirements are now double.
  • GDI Disc Throwers.
  • Disc throwers now explode when killed and damage any nearby units.

PC Mechanic - Fix your PC's Windows registry errors.

Concrete and Firestorm Walls:
  • These walls now build like laser fences. If you place one wall section and then place a second, a line is drawn indicating that a wall segment will be built between the two sections. You are only charged for the cost of the end pieces of the wall, not the connecting pieces. Also, walls can be sold but you will not receive money for sold sections. If there is an obstacle such as a unit or structure that appears between the sections during placement, the two sections will not connect.