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Paint Shop Pro 10.01 update patch
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Paint Shop Pro 10.0 (US English)






Paint Shop Pro 10

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This patch has benefits that improve the speed and performance of Paint Shop Pro 10. Be sure to also download later updates (10.02 and 10.03 - available by clicking the Graphics button on the left side of this page). Some of the enhancements include:

General Fixes
  • The Browser palette's auto-scroll feature now stops when you select a thumbnail.
  • IPTC data edited via the Browser palette is now correctly saved.
  • Problems with adjusting Date Taken field on JPEG files have been fixed.
  • Problems launching Paint Shop Pro by double-clicking an image have been fixed.
  • The Date Taken field can now be set to dates prior to 1970.
  • Problems with saving paletted images have been fixed.
  • Saving 24-bit files to EPS/IFF/PCT/XWD formats no longer gives an incorrect message that the bit depth needs to be changed to 24-bit.
  • The Image > Arithmetic command now correctly clips color values.
  • Merging vector layers while the layer name is in rename mode no longer causes problems.
  • If you eject a CD while the Browser palette is generating thumbnails, Paint Shop Pro no longer becomes unstable.

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Camera Raw Improvements
  • EXIF data is now fully supported in Camera Raw formats.
  • Camera Raw de-mosaicing quality has been improved.
  • The auto-rotate feature now works with Camera Raw files.
  • Nikon D50 Camera raw files are now supported.
  • Canon EOS Kiss Digital N Camera Raw files are now supported.
  • Olympus E-1, E-10, and E-20 Camera Raw files are now supported.
  • Canon Rebel XT/350D Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
  • Kodak DC760C Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
  • Pentax *istD Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
  • With the cursor over a Browser palette thumbnail of certain Camera Raw files, the tooltip info that appears no longer reports color photos as greyscale.
TIFF Format Fixes
  • TIFF files containing multiple alpha channels are now saved correctly.
  • IPTC metadata is now correctly read from and saved to TIFF files.
  • Resolution settings are now saved correctly in CMYK TIFF files.
  • Problems with some CMYK TIFF files not generating preview thumbnails have been fixed.
  • Problems saving CMYK and RGB TIFF files have been fixed.
JPEG 2000 (J2K) Format Fixes
  • Problems with JPEG 2000 (JP2) files containing transparency have been fixed.
  • Color shift issues when saving layered files to JPEG 2000 format have been fixed.