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PhotoImpact 6 update patch
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Applies to:

PhotoImpact 6 (North American or International English versions)






Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
PhotoImpact 6

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This patch fixes a range of bugs in PhotoImpact 6 including the following issues:
  • Change font display style in Text Entry Box - separate font and script.
  • Enhanced Image Slicer - Prevent additional slicing of Web objects after moving a slice line.
  • Enhanced Zoom when previewing GIF files in Album.
  • Lighting effect can be saved as BMP sequence files.
  • Open files that contain EXIF information.
  • CTRL+Z in Image Optimizer function has been resolved.
  • Select Color on Screen in the Text entry box feature has been corrected.
  • The Preview function in the FillTexture dialog box has been corrected.
  • Object Paint Eraser Tool - change brush size and shape without closing the program.
  • Corrected the View/Photo Properties/File Info/Summary/OK function.
  • Corrected the problems pertaining to the Capture dialog box.
  • Change the font face of duplicated HTML text.
  • Enable browser preview button when users login as non-administrator in Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.
  • Eliminate the error message when users login Windows 2000 as non-administrators and launch Internet Explorer or Album.

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