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PhotoImpact 8 update patch (Build 8.01)
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PhotoImpact 8






Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
PhotoImpact 8

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This patch fixes a range of bugs in PhotoImpact 8 including the following issues:
  • New feature for PhotoImpact 8 Menu Plug-in.
  • Performance optimization for Intel Pentium 4 processors.
  • Support the keyboard-free environment of Tablet PCs.
  • For Wacom Tablets, when user installs Wacom driver, then switch to mouse mode in Driver DB, then paints with paint tool on a DOC, the brush will jump unpredictably and can't be controlled.
  • When making a selection on an object by Lasso Tool, cursor will jump unpredictably.
  • Add a target link in JavaScript™ Slideshow dialogue boxes so it will no longer have URL error warning messages.
  • PhotoImpact Album can collect files correctly now.
  • Creative Transform's warning message dialog box will close properly.
  • The combo box of the text tool can display the font correctly
  • The scroll bar in the Any Shape button designer works correctly now.
  • The status bar setting of a slice cell will be displayed properly in the preview and Web page when output.
  • The image optimizer will maintain the original resolution of the image.
  • The z-key zooming will no longer change from the lasso tool to the standard selection tool.
  • Apply Star filter will work properly now even when this filter is applied to a white blank document.

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